Gentle River – In box pic and our box prototype

river in box

Gentle River is just beginning to hit buyer’s hands, and some in box pics were spotted on eBay. I thought it would be fun to show you some pictures from when we were working on the box art – it was one of my favorite aspects of the project.

early box rendering

CWC offered us the chance to draw some box art concepts, and if they liked what we pitched, they’d let us do the final art. We all jumped at the opportunity. I had never done packaging design before but had studies it in school and was particularly excited to finally put my education to some use (wink wink). We wanted to really “wow” the ladies at CWC, so we made a couple of 3-D mockups and crossed our fingers.

box mockup with nara

Our design got the green light! Some changes had to be made – the box had to be much larger to fit all of GR’s many accessories (yay), and the front flap would be eliminated to reduce cost. We modified our design and made a cardboard mockup just to make sure the protortions looked right (things look so different on a monitor and in real life. )

box inside

To really push the illusion that River is standing in a deep forest, we put shadowy trees and critters on the inside of the box. She has so many baggies in her box though, that they will probably rarely be seen!

A modified version of this design will also be used on the teeny Lemon butter box – we’ll be sharing our Lemon butter designs when she’s on the market.

…and don’t forget your matching shirt!

9 responses to “Gentle River – In box pic and our box prototype”

  1. paula

    Eeep! So cool! Can’t wait to receive my GR 😀

  2. Helena

    Lovely box design!

  3. ghislaine

    this is so cool! i wonder if people will just sell the “box” by itself since it’s so pretty :).

  4. Tiffany

    Best box EVER!!!!

  5. poopychun

    just fabulous! 😀 can’t wait *bounces around*

  6. Kelly aka Kittenfantastico

    Seriously… you all have thought ALL of this through – your 360 degree design is what i love so much about River! I am a graphic designer and to see you all take all the levels of creating this girl, and all the marketing you’ve done, I think it’s fantastic!!!!!!!!!

  7. kir

    Great! I´m so happy you designed the packaging ^^. It´s perfect melissa ^^. Can´t wait to have mine ;).

  8. Carmen/Hobbit

    How many times a day do you *SQUEEE* to yourself over this? 😀
    I wouldn’t be able to stop!! Beautiful!

  9. Sue A

    Gentle River is the first Blythe I ever purchased and she is exquisite

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