Designer Spotlight: Puppy Love

As prolific as she is creative, Chun of Puppy52 has been creating her inimitable fashion for Blythe since Summer 2004. Who can forget the Milk-inspired dress craze, when everyone just had to have a pink and black polkadot dress with matching bow and handbag? Or those fabulous fitted denim jeans with the hot pink tab at the back pocket?

Puppy Love Blythe Fashion is always exploring different styles and inspiration while keeping its signature detail – impeccable tailoring, fitted bodices, lovely trims, tiny buttons and bow details. As big fans of her Blythe fashion, we had a chance for a little Q&A with Chun to talk about Puppy52.

Name: Chun/pupchun

Line Name: Puppy Love Blythe Fashion

Dolls you collect:
Blythes (some Neo sized and Petites), a couple ball joint dolls, and selected plushies which catch my eye! If I have the money I’d love to own a real Moko-chan, though right now I’m fine with having made something similar for myself! I think two is a great number for each kind of dolls (despite the fact I think my blythe number is larger than two for now!)

Does your doll-style match your personal style?
Yes and No! I dare say my dolls mostly wear stuff which I love but can’t pull off though! I’m pretty casual where clothes are concerned, I’m most happy in comfortable clothing, if I can choose I’ll be wearing the same thing all the time i.e. tees and jeans; my dolls can wear the fun, frilly or sexy stuff! I also like clothing on anime characters, although I have yet to really try very hard to make a “cosplay” outfit for my dolls yet. Overall I love versatility of simple mix and match pieces, for both myself and dolls, but they definitely have a bigger closet than I do.

What inspires you?
Many things! People-wear – mainly street fashion, dolly-wear from other fellow seamstresses, even Takara/Skipper’s stock outfits (example my “milk inspired” sets from a while back and the recent attempt at poor man’s “cookie time”) or even anime/manga characters. When inspiration hits, I try to sketch it out on bits of paper I have on me or little sketch pad I bring with me in my bag. Recently I am trying to make myself push the envelope a little harder, to bring little differences into something which can appear somewhat plain or commonplace.

How do you balance creativity with business?
Oh tough question! I don’t dare to call the dolly sewing/selling as a business just yet, most of the earnings goes back into dolly expendature in fact. I dare say once in a while, I do get dry with selling or sewing for the website, I think the most “not fun” bit of all these is the HTML coding and the stress to get every order to their buyer. When I feel dried up, I slow down a bit and accumulate pieces for a set for “evilbay” or sew/experiment for my ball joint dolls. I guess I see this as something very fulfilling and satisfying when the effort to create the items is recognised and appreciated by the buyers.

Thank you Chun for taking the time to chat with us!

21 responses to “Designer Spotlight: Puppy Love”

  1. Poopychun

    thank you gers! it’s my honour to be Q&Aed on our favourite B (and more) resource site! 😀

  2. Leah

    Yay for Puppy Love! It was interesting to read about what inspires you. My girls love your clothes SO much 😀

  3. Melisser

    I don’t think I could adore Chun & PuppyLove any more than I do!
    Hands down the BEST dolly jeans on earth! I wish she’d make me a pair in my size!

  4. Geraldine

    the clothes are gorgeous.

  5. gcrepe (Gabriela)

    Beautiful clothing! I’ve always been a fan and hope soon to own an original myself! The girls would LOVE to have something!

  6. Suey


  7. Helena

    Yay! Poopychun (sorry! ;D) surely is a sewing machine who cranks out perfect garment after perfect garment, without fail, I am impressed. 🙂

  8. Heidi

    I love the few Puppy Love things I’ve been able to grab up before the inevitable “SOLD OUT” tags go up! 🙂

  9. Sherri

    Chun has so much talent! I love her designs. It’s so nice to see her work being spotlighted. 🙂

  10. ghislaine

    I love Puppy Love fashion! Chun is a great seller and all her stuff is of top quality :). She’s super talented and really hardworking.

  11. Purin

    Pupchun’s items are great & so worth the price. I love the 2 OOAK Sets I have managed to snaggle off of Evilbay. In fact my dolly is on her site with the clothing. She is deffinatly worth it.

  12. Lisa

    I am thrilled to see an interview with Puppy Love! I love her designs~ It was her work that really inspired me to start sewing doll clothes!

  13. tibiloo

    I really love fashions made by Chun ! They are always fabulous !
    She’s also a great drawer / artist !

  14. Carmen/Hobbit

    Yaaay Chun!! I’ve been a bit slow getting there before the “sold” notices but I did manage to grab one denim jumper dress so far. It’s absolutely perfect!! A well deserved spotlight for a very cool chickie! 🙂

  15. Carmen/carmenxoxo

    Great Choice for designer spotlight. My girls own many Puppy Love fashions and they are truly great!!! Keep up the amazing work Chun!!!!!

  16. Sherri

    Chun’s designs are amazing and top quality! My Robin will ONLY wear Puppy Love fashions. :>

  17. birdielady

    i’m a big fan of Chun’s work and i’m a proud owner of a beautiful set for blythe made by her : )

  18. Liz

    Yay! It’s great to see Chun & Puppy52 in the spotlight.
    I love all the bits I have. Great jeans and cute dresses.

    I also love your pictures and illustrations, Chun. 🙂

  19. ghislaine

    yay chun! i love puppylove fashion 🙂

  20. Bonbon

    I think Puppy Love Blythe Fashion closed? Why can’t I find it? The clothes were sensational. 🙁

  21. linda

    Chun is currently sewing for BJDs – her new site is over at

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