Designer Spotlight: faeryMADE

dresses by faeryMADE

Bright, eye-popping colors, sassy, classy styles, a great combination of bold prints – faeryMADE by Erin J. is the perfect style for your favorite technicolor girls.

For those warm sunny days, nothing beats a bright, strapless polkadot dress with a poufy skirt, matched with a belt in a contrasting color and cute button detail. If your girl prefers a more sweet, little school-girl style, faeryMADE has dresses in adorable floral prints with round collars or classy a-line silouette.

Want to find out more about faeryMADE and what inspires the girl behind all the bright colors? We caught up with the busy faery of a girl and asked her a few questions we all wanted to know.

Name: Erin/faeryseqins

Brand Name: faeryMADE

What dolls do you collect?
Blythe, Lati, and anything that I think is cute and unusual!

Does your doll-style match your personal style?
Oh definitely in the sense that I love bright colors and combining things that do not necessarily match. I mean, I wouldn’t say that I go around wearing baby-doll dresses or hot pants with boots but dolls are fun to dress in crazy styles–they can’t say anything to you about it! My dolls are usually very girly girls, wearing skirts and dresses and lots of accessories, which is basically how I dress everyday. I guess it would be more interesting if I tried to dress my dolls in styles different than myself, but I just don’t think that would be any fun. I would rather just take my sense of color and flamboyancy to the extreme, which is pretty much what I do when dressing/designing clothes for the dolls.

What inspires you?
Color, definitely color. I go into fabric and thrift stores looking for bright designs and pieces that use lots of contrasting colors. Just seeing those sorts of fabrics makes me want to sew! I feel like I should have more of an answer than that, but I guess it’s just that simple for me. I respond to color more than anything else. I realy like to see the thought out use of color over fancy and intricate designs. To me color is design. I collect a lot of sheets and linens from the 1960s and 1970s, and my favorite thing about them is the bright colors and large simple designs. So, I guess I have those sorts of images in my head and when I sit down to pick out the fabrics of a doll dress.

How do you balance creativity with business?
I don’t know really. I don’t know that I do at all, or even if I try. I don’t really think of myself as a business person, I think of myself more as an artsy creative person. I mean, I don’t sell Blythe dresses for money , I think it’s fun to do, and yes is a plus to be able to make some extra money from something that makes me happy, but it’s not my sole source of income. And because of that I am not forced to think in a business sense. I make sure that I am selling a dress for more than it cost to make it , but past that, business is out the door, goodbye! It’s more fun that way, not having deadlines and other constraints. Stress free is the way to be!

a few faeryMADE dresses

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  1. Melissa

    I was so sad to miss out on that dress to the far left in those thumbnails. That color combo is one of my favorites!

  2. Melisser

    I love her teeny collars! I was lucky enough to get a dress from the recent batch!

  3. Poopychun

    I love the colourful and daring combis of Faerymade clothing! XD

  4. J*me

    You’re not the only one, Melissa!! I loved the fabric on that dress too! XD

  5. Martianmermaid

    I am a HUGE fan of faeryMADE dresses and of Erin!

  6. faerysequins


  7. valentine

    my girl kingsley is lucky enough to own TWO faerymade dresses, which she ADORES!!!

  8. 상큼냥;

    인형들이 너무 예쁘네요~

    잘은 모르지만 구경 잘하고 가요~~

  9. Romina

    Oh! I keep missing this dresses… I am always late!
    They are so colorful, so happy!
    And they have unique style!

  10. Helena

    The dresses are lovely. I have one dress from first or was it second batch. 🙂

  11. mfR


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