Designer Spotlight: EuroTrash Fashions


When I hear “EuroTrash Fashions,” I think: Kitty Helmets!

Ruthie of EuroTrash has been knitting, felting and bead-decorating her signature kitty helmets since early 2006. Since then, EuroTrash Fashions has included furry hooded capes, fitted faux-suede jackets, fur-trimmed coats, and many great mix-and-match coordinates for our beloved Blythe dolls. Being a native of rural Washington state, Ruth currently resides in Helsinki, Finland with her significant other, her kitty, and her 20+ Blythe dolls. She artfully combines folksy American charm with Scandinavian sensibility to create her EuroTrash Fashion line, using rich colors and bold prints to create a most fun, unique and inimitable style.

We had a little Q&A with Ruth as she lets us in on what it’s like to be an international Blythe fashion designer.

eurotrash1.jpgName: Ruthie

Line Name: EuroTrash Fashions

Dolls you collect: Blythe, and Blythe alone.

Does your doll-style match your personal style?
In a way yes. I’m pretty mix and match. I do lots of layers in my own clothing, bright colors, and textures, dresses over jeans. Although they get away with it a whole lot better.

What inspires you?
Fabric, prints, textures, colors and contrasts. I’m usually inspired by something I can hold in my hand, rather than a picture I have seen. I never have a plan when I go to a fabric store and I never buy fabric online. Usually an outfit will end up being inspired by a single item. Be it a buckle, a strip of velveteen ribbon, or some fun stretchy fabric. I once built an entire outfit to go with some fabric I ended up making socks out of. I also love using fabrics that might be considered ridiculous for dolly sewing. Also, requests. People might say, “Hey, have you ever seen _________ for sale?” If I haven’t seen whatever it is, I usually try and make it. Its fun to try and make something thats not out there already.

eurotrash2.jpgHow do you balance creativity with business?
I think that I try not do to this so much as a business, but more or less as a hobby. If I end up making money, great, but that’s not my goal when I set out making something. I just make so much that I want to share what I make with other people. I also know by now how I work. What I can and cannot promise to buyers, what I can and cannot do. I try not to make promises that I cannot fulfill. Ultimately this is a hobby for me, I love sewing and crafting and making things for Blythe. She’s a great little muse.

How has Blythe, and crafting for Blythe, changed your life?
I have had the chance to ‘meet’ people from all over the world. I live as an expat in Finland. Part of me really misses a community lifestyle. I came from a very small community to begin with in rural Washington state. For me, The Blythe community has really been a great thing. It enables me to have an amazing social life. I’ve made wonderful friends here in Finland, and across the world over. I also have some of the best customers ever. I have repeat customers who are a joy to make things for, and new customers who often become repeats. Everyone has been a joy to work with. Sometimes when I list stuff into my Etsy site, all I do is refresh the page and the items have sold. I am humbled by how generous, and supportive the community can be. I am incredibly grateful that via this lovely big eyed doll named Blythe I am able to have such a great creative and social outlet in my life.


Thank you Ruthie for sharing your insights with us!

To see more of EuroTrash Fashions, check out the online store at

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  1. Michelle

    Such a great story about one of my favourite dolly designers!

  2. Ro

    I love Ruthie’s helmets and clothes so so much! ♥

  3. Poopychun

    gotta love kitty helments!!! XD Goooo Ruthie!

  4. Leah

    Ruth is so talented, I’m glad she found Blythe so we could find her

  5. Anneke

    damned, how cute are those 4 helmets on the top pics. Where can I buy one??? They don’t seam to be available on the eurotrash site any more…

  6. Euro_Trash_Doll

    I admit…stuff flies out as fast as I can make it, so my site looks bare alot! The surest way to get the helmet you want is to comission one from me. Right now I’ve got a pretty hefty comissions list, but it all depends on how long you are willing to wait… 😉
    Thank you everyone for your support! Without you all who buy my things, I could not be nearly as creative as I am!

  7. dolly*hex

    My girls have warm heads thanks to Ruth and her wonderful helmets

  8. Bambi

    Hehheh, I want one of those kitty helmets for myself!! They’re adorable!!

  9. Jenny

    Way to go Ruth………love your fashions.

  10. Megs

    I have the coolest auntie ever!!! luve ya Ruthie.

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