Beauty Contest DVD is out!

darling diva dvd

The Darling Diva Beauty Contest DVD is out at

I’m dying to see Christina walk the red carpet with Gentle River, as well as all the other amazing entries (and the mysterious “talent competition”).

Oh, and I must say that DD’s hair looks awesome all fluffed up like that – I wonder if Impatience would let me…

4 responses to “Beauty Contest DVD is out!”

  1. Leah

    This is so cool! I can’t wait to see it either 😀

  2. Melisser

    I wish we could stream it here!

  3. Denise (milkdolly)

    yes, why don’t you put it online so that everyone can see it? if it’s not illegal I mean.. I would love to see little Gentle River!

  4. kir

    oh my! the red carpet! eeeeep. Can´t wait to see it either :).

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