Archived photostories circa 2003!

Oh, the memories of the Blythes when they show on your doorstep!
Dutchess of Detroit was to be my first custom girl.
I’m glad I saved them, and I have them to share. Good times! Enjoy!

The Dutchess Arrives!
Part 1 – This is a job for a Kenner!
The Dutchess Arrives! Part 1
Part 2 – Attack the Amoebic Sac!
The Dutchess Arrives! Part 2
Part 3 – Nothin’ but a Leaf!
The Dutchess Arrives! Part 3

5 responses to “Archived photostories circa 2003!”

  1. Linda

    awwww i remember the photo stories!
    good times, good times indeed.

  2. Poopychun

    hehe funny how these seems like a long time back! O_O

  3. Melisser

    Aww, this is so sweet! I remember when we all used to do photostories!

  4. Heidi

    Haha! I totally remember the one with Nobel popping the bubble wrap. A classic! It is funny how this sems so long ago…

  5. kir

    aaaaah Paul I can´t believe it´s been sooo long. Dutchess is so lovely ;). I still need to send youtoons of pics of her spanish adventure ;). There are a lot of people missing her here ;).

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