9 Jam Fancy Pet Patterns Archived

jam fancy sewing patterns for blytheall of the Jam Fancy pets patterns are now available in the Pattern Archive!


17 responses to “9 Jam Fancy Pet Patterns Archived”

  1. Poopychun

    yey! cutenessss!

  2. Michelle

    Hooray! More mini floofiness!

  3. jinjur

    Love them ! psssst what is ‘cake wire’ no one knew
    at the store

  4. Christina

    Cake wire is used for fancy icing on cakes, it actually wires bits of icing together. Its long quite thin wire and its wrapped in paper. It comes in different weights or strengths, like 26, 28, 30. You can usually find it at a cake decorators or some craft shops seem to stock it as well. It looks alot like florists wire, except it is covered and alot finer, perfect for little toys.

  5. Melissa

    I think here they call it “floral wire.”

    beading wire would probably work just fine, too, minus the fancy paper wrapper.

  6. Lounging Lovely

    Love your little toys Christina!!! I was wanting to try and attempt to make the Weiner dog as my sister has one.. Just wondering what the total length of him once finished is? Thanks for the info on the cake wire also…
    When I printed off the pattern it came out pretty small so i may just have to blow it up a few sizes..

    Thanks again, and love your work….


  7. Christina

    Its about ten centimetres from the tail to the tip of the nose : )

  8. ezekielle

    What cute pets !!! There are so nice, but I’m looking for the deery pattern, it’s my favourite, could you published it ?



  9. Christina

    Hi Ezy,

    Sorry I cant do that pattern as its not mine, at the moment I cant find the link either, I will try to get back to this though to give it to you.

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