Free Knitting Pattern: NxtDrGrrl Hoodie!

Free Knitting Pattern: NxtDrGrrl Hoodie!

Hey Blythe knitters! The long-awaited NxtDrGrrl pattern is now available here at PuchiCollective! The pattern can be viewed here. Enjoy! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Paula!

Designer Spotlight: SqueakyMonkey

When I first caught the Blythe bug back in summer of 2003, one of the “early pioneers” of Blythe fashion was Tiffany of I remember the KMSPA (Kiss My Shiny Plastic Ass) shirts and how everyone had to have a designer Squeaky tee, corduroy flares and striped stockings from Tiffany! 😀 Four years later, […]

LaTi Basic A-line Dress Pattern

Just added a basic a-line dress pattern for LaTi Yellow doll. Go here to download!

Designer Spotlight: EuroTrash Fashions

When I hear “EuroTrash Fashions,” I think: Kitty Helmets! Ruthie of EuroTrash has been knitting, felting and bead-decorating her signature kitty helmets since early 2006. Since then, EuroTrash Fashions has included furry hooded capes, fitted faux-suede jackets, fur-trimmed coats, and many great mix-and-match coordinates for our beloved Blythe dolls. Being a native of rural Washington […]

Designer Spotlight: Puppy Love

As prolific as she is creative, Chun of Puppy52 has been creating her inimitable fashion for Blythe since Summer 2004. Who can forget the Milk-inspired dress craze, when everyone just had to have a pink and black polkadot dress with matching bow and handbag? Or those fabulous fitted denim jeans with the hot pink tab […]

Designer Spotlight: faeryMADE

Bright, eye-popping colors, sassy, classy styles, a great combination of bold prints – faeryMADE by Erin J. is the perfect style for your favorite technicolor girls. For those warm sunny days, nothing beats a bright, strapless polkadot dress with a poufy skirt, matched with a belt in a contrasting color and cute button detail. If […]

Converse Shoe Guide

Classy and timeless, Converse sneakers have always embodied the spirit of individuality and creativity. Whether geeky, girly or punky, there’s always a pair that fits every style and personality. If you’re looking for the perfect pair for your girls but not sure where to find them, here is our guide to Blythe-size Converse sneakers. This […]