Original Gentle River: on the Auction Block!

CWC’s annual Charity event details have been announced, and photos of all of the amazing dolls that will be auctioned on Yahoo Japan have been posted here The finalists from Last year’s beauty pageant will be auctioned in the very last group (July 2-8), Including the original Gentle River! We miss her so much! I’m […]

official sketches and description of Gentle River and Lemon Butter

…are up on blythedoll.com! translated thru babelfish: Last year, it should commemorate, in the doll of チームシブリー which gains beautiful grand prix “first ブライスビューティコンテスト” ナチュラルビューティ section, appears as a CWC limited doll. プチブライス, 扮 to “the lemon butter” of the child deer of the friend. While kind イノセント where presently, the original doll it has […]

Blythe in Craft: magazine

The upcoming issue of Craft: magazine features an article by Jenny of sewdarncute about Blythe and several community members, including bonbonblythe, heylittlegirl, saveblythe and more. Plus there’s a full page print of pepper and curry in their kimonos by Christina… It hits stores April 24th!

Behind Gentle River – Part II: The Translation

Did you miss Part I? In May 2006, the finalists for the CWC Blythe Beauty Contest were announced. After seeing the other entries (and recognizing Cherry Merry), we were honored to be among such amazing Blythe artists. I felt like we had already won – even if we didn’t get a prize, Gentle River was […]

Gentle River promo cartoon in Dolly Dolly 13

An official looking promo pic for Gentle River is featured in volume 13 of Dolly Dolly.We can’t say if it’s legit or not, as we haven’t seen the final sketches from CWC, but most of the details on this cartoon are pretty accurate! A couple minor things like the haircolor and makeup colors are a […]

Top Secret pic of the second Team Sibley Blythe

We can’t tell you who she is or where she’s headed, but after finally assembling her this weekend, we were itching to put up a sneak preview of the second Team Sibley collaborative effort. Stay Tuned!

Welcome to Team Sibley’s Room

Hi there, I’m trying out a new section of puchicollective -“Team Sibley’s Room.” We’ve been working hard all year on a few collaboration dolls and will be using this spot for as many sneak peeks as we’re allowed to show you. This area’s under construction, so if you notice anything odd or out of place, […]

Behind Gentle River – Part I: The Contest

With the release date of Gentle River quickly approaching, I’ve been reflecting on how much work and time has gone into this doll. We had no idea when we were told that our Blythe would be produced that CWC was going to let us work on absolutely every step of the process – from designing […]

Do you Dremel?

A long time ago, I put a shopping link on Puchimadam for a multi-speed dremel, prompting many to ask “what exactly do you use your dremel for on Blythe?” I have found several uses for mine – in fact, it’s something I reach for every day – whether customizing a takara, or building blythe furniture. […]

Customized Ebonies, Unite!

When my Prima Dollies arrived (I got all three, very bad me), I was most excited for Saffy and Aubrey. They look fresh and sweet right out of the box. Upon opening their shippers, though, I was immediately fixated on Ebony – awkward makeup, badly cut hair, super-shiny skin… she needed a stylist and I […]