Blythe Summit - Happy 10th Anniversary Blythe!

Blythe Summit – Happy 10th Anniversary Blythe!

In honor of Blythe’s 10th birthday (they grow up so fast!) A special event is being held in Junie Moon Daikanyama – Blythe Summit! Handmade custom Blythe dolls and outfits will be available in the store from May 31-June 19.  Team Sibley was happy to participate – we customized a Nostalgic Pop, Maraballe Melody, and […]

Middie Anatomy

Middie Anatomy

We’re fortunate enough to have a Middie Blythe visitor in the house! For those of you that have not met Middie, she is a new type of very tiny Blythe (she stands shoulder-height to Neo Blythe). Middie’s look is very Blythe, but her eye mechanics are completely different – Middie can look side-to-side (a lot […]

New Pattern: PukiPuki/Lati White T-shirt

New Pattern: PukiPuki/Lati White T-shirt

Long time no “see”!  I’ve just updated the Free pattern archive with a tiny T-shirt pattern for PukiPuki, Lati White, and other similarly sized (about 10cm) Ball Joint Dolls. The pattern is super-easy and takes less than an hour to hand-sew. This is a basic pattern that’s meant to me customized. I’ve made two myself […]

Puchi Printables – Halloween Party 2008!

Halloween is in the air – get your Blythe house all decked out for a costume party! Halloween ’08 Puchi Printables include vintage-inspired wall hangings that look great in rooms from all eras.  Combine them with tissue-paper drink-picks and  your own creative touches to recreate classic party decorations in 1/6 scale. I used tissue-paper drink […]

Instant Customs – Show us your hybrids!

While looking around Flickr for pics of Miss Sally Rice, I couldn’t help but notice the number of people “Hybridizing” their Blythes. Since RBL Blythes give us the opportunity to swap scalps with no cutting, sawing, or stress, we’re seeing more people play “musical scalps” with their Blythes!  I had lots of fun trading my […]

Halloween Masks and Treat Sacks – Puchi Printables

Happy Halloween to you and your Blythes! Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you’re like us, you’re probably way behind on sewing those elaborate Blythe costumes you started planning way back in July. Don’t worry! Print and cut out these easy masks and turn all of your Blythes into spooks in a pinch. It will […]

Team Sibley’s Contribution to Variety Fair

We participated in the Variety Fair exhibition and shop again this year, Christina made two Jam Fancy outfit sets and Paul and I worked on the doll to model one of the outfits. We were sent a lovely butter-yellow haired girl to work on (I wonder how many of these they have at the factory… […]

Princess a la mode Movies

So I have to admit, I am totally smitten with Princess a la mode. CWC put together an adorable stop-motion movie of the story of the Princess to very cute and spooky music, voiced over by Junko Wong. It was playing on the big screen during the Omotesando Hills exhibit, and parts of it are […]